2019 Exhibition Artists


Sophia Harms – van Estrik
About Sophia

Sculptor Sculptures for private works of art and business masterpieces. Sophia is a passionate sculptor, who translates her passion and your wishes into a sensitive sculpture. Remarks such as “your sculptures have a spirit” are frequently heard. Sophia works mainly in bronze, but also in marble, stone and clay. Her bronze sculptures have been purchased by international connaisseurs and collectors. Sophia does not only create her personal free works, she takes commissions to create pieces to order. Sophia has created various commissions such as car mascots (family) figures (also from pictures) and company emblems and awards. Classic Schooling and skills were, amongst others, taught in The Netherlands by Jos van Oosterhout at the Gooise Academy for Expressive Arts in Laren and Leo van den Bos in Amsterdam. Abroad Sophia followed tuition at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France and The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. The education was strictly classical at both schools. At he Europäische Kunstakademie in Trier, Germany, she learnt the skills for sculpting figures of people in true life size. Please take some time to browse through her portfolio, www.arteliersophia.nl we trust it will inspire and give you pleasure.

Johannes Sneijders
About Johannes

Born in 1941 in Helmond, the Netherlands in a carpenters family, art was not a regular part of his education during his formative years during and immediately after the Second World War. Nevertheless, his attraction to the process of making sculptures as well as the love of using tools and materials are rooted deeply in the atmosphere of his home environment.

After studying Chemical Technology he spent a great deal of his working life as a consultant on ecological affairs, and travelled all over the world to battle environmental damage caused by industrialization. These travels, which confronted him worldwide with old architecture and sculpting , in the end made him realise his destiny. Especially his frequent visits to Italy , birthplace of the Renaissance, had a profound influence on him and crystallized his needs to express his feelings into a durable material. Waisting no more time he started off in the early nineties to learn the skills and study the background of sculpting in stone; took lessons of Dutch and Belgian sculptors and travelled many times to Carrara in Italy to improve his skills.

argely self taught and studying a few years at the Academy of Art in Turnhout ( Belgium ), he has dedicated himself to mastering the difficult medium of carving stone and handle modern materials as stainless steel corten steel etc.


In his sculptures his roots and technological background , are combined with the influence of old masters and modern shapes. The modern society, with mankind as a focal point is his source of inspiration.

Momentarely he lives and works in Beerse , Belgium , between his sculpture!

Nasr Azarmehr
About Nasr

My name is Nasr Azarmehr (artist name). I am an art restorer, sculptor, and art researcher and I was born and raised in Iran. My parents are Master in the Arts in Iran.


I have completed a master’s program at the University of Tehran (Iran) in the Fine Arts and Art History courses. At this University I was later a teacher in the same fields. My interest in history has led me to specialize in the restoration of historical art. I have restored an extensive number of pieces such as old books and sculptures. I have also revived various historical restoration techniques (some older than 3000 years), including “Azingari” that was no longer in vogue for over 1700 years. I was also a restorer of objects from Antiquity at the National Museum of Iran. For example, I have restored antique frescoes and sculptures of an old castle. I also restored classic sofas (Baroque and rustic).


As a professional sculptor, I excel in public sculptures. I am contracted by national and local authorities, museums, international organizations such as the United Nations, as well as private investors.

Many of my works adorn streets, parks and public buildings in Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East. I also designed the infrastructure of a large tourist city park and a part of the zoo of the Isfahan province.

I can also make musical instruments.

What my eyes and heart see, my hands create. I can work with any material: bronze, clay, wood, iron, stone, plexiglass, glass … even food. I add a new dimension to Persian art through a combination of traditional Iranian techniques with my newly found artistic freedom. My work ranges from very fine ceramic work with minuscule decorations to coarser work, for example with electric saw carved out of stone.

Art researcher:

Because of my knowledge of art history and experience in the restoration of art objects, I am widely employable as an art connoisseur and appraiser.

Paulina Martin De Kreij
About Paulina


Golbahar Hayati

About Golbahar

was born in 1961, Abadan,managing director and the bossof golbahar artists entrepreneur cooperative company.instructor of art and manager of on artistic institution in mashad  licensed by Islamic guidance organizatione  of khorasan and the owner of workshop production license from cultural heritage and khorasan handicrafts

Creator of handicrafts  in Tabriz at 2008,selected lady in the field of entrepreneurship in khorasan in 2015,holder of certificate and diploma of honor frome tanis college beek Almaty in kazakhastan .

Active participation in foreigner exhibition such as Turkamanistan, Belarus, Kazakhestan, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Afghanistan, Armenia, Hungary

Anita De Harde
About Anita

Beeldhouwster – schilderes

Mijn leven lang ben ik aan het creëren. Voordat ik toegelaten was op de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (beeldhouwen en schilderen) werkte ik bij de Donald Duck en Marten Toonder.

Ik werk meestal aan verschillende projecten maar altijd een tegelijk. Deze zomer stond in het teken van een opdracht voor een beeld van brons van 60 cm hoog, een vrouw in bruidsjurk met drie kinderen. Een leuke uitdaging om ook de portretten te laten lijken.

Vorig jaar werd ik uitgenodigd om een monumentaal beeld te maken in India. Daar heb ik voor het eerst met staal gewerkt.

Portretten schilderen doe ik vaak in opdracht, maar nu ben ik met ronde portretten bezig (niet in opdracht). Dit is mijn project “Wereldvrouwen”. Dubbel op te vatten. Ten eerste: het is een ode aan de vrouwelijkheid; ten tweede: ze komen uit verschillende landen. Mijn dochter als de eerste, toen een Chinese vrouw, Indiase danseres en een Masai meisje. Het boeit me om alleen hun gelaat te laten zien zonder haar. Het gaat om de uitdrukking. Er wordt vaak gezegd dat mijn portretten leven en een ziel hebben.

Ik maak zowel beelden als portretten in opdracht. Ben docent portretschilderen en yoga. Heb veel geëxposeerd en verkocht in binnen- en buitenland en heb meegedaan aan de Florence Biennale in 2007 daarna zelf een Florence Biennale revisited in Den Haag georganiseerd voor 25 deelnemers.

Mijn monumentale beelden zijn te zien in beeldenparken en straten van Changchun, China, Bhubanesvar, India, en Lelystad, Pascallaan.

De materialen waarmee ik werk variëren van brons tot acrylic one en staal. De ronde schilderijen zijn geschilderd op panelen met acrylverf.

Er hangt een 4m lang schilderij met ingebouwd LED licht in de collegezaal van het stadhuis in Lelystad, dat in opdracht is gemaakt van mevrouw Horselenberg, de toenmalige burgemeester.

Hoda Jazaeri
About Hoda

Since childhood, I’ve always been fond of literature, especially poems and mythological stories. But my involvement in painting has a different story.

I had an aunt who was a painter, but she had passed away in a car accident a few years before I was born. She had filled my grandparents’ house with her paintings, its tools, and her art history books. Watching her works and books ignited my interest in painting.

I start to draw and paint in a self-taught manner. I began to collect poems, magazine cuts, pieces of fabric, so they would become part of my paintings collages.

Later, I attended Iranian masters classes to learn the techniques -based on Rembrandt And Van Gogh doctrine-. I consider these two Dutch painters, as my biggest influencers. You can find hints of Van Gogh’s exuberant colors in my paintings backgrounds.

During my studies of human anatomy in drawing classes, my focus was on uterus, ovulation, and fertilization. Later on, this transformed into a woman as a tree trunk and other species as her branches. Similar to ancient Persian cosmogony in which Mashya and Mashyana form the homologous branches originating all life.

So you will find in my paintings a tree with roots, in the figure of a woman, with all plants and species growing out of her body. A woman that lives in today’s modern world; a world filled with inconveniences and disconnected from nature; a world that has affected her. Despite all the hinders, there is love, happiness, and hope in her roots.

Behnaz Monfared

About Behnaz

I remember colors, I remember Iranian painting, I remember my passion for creation, this made my childhood.

My father is a painter so I really inspired by art since I was a child.

I studied Graphic Design in Tehran and I involved in collaborative graphic design project but my passion that I follow is peace art. I am driven by the concept of finding the relationship between building a culture of peace and ordinary every-day life. My passion has led me to exhibit my work in many events.

“Woman and Peace” this is a new project that I’m working on that. I think nature is inside of a woman, not just a part of it. We can be a tree, free in the sky, we can be a wind, full of freedom, we can be a sea, full of dance or we can be a mountain, full of hope.

We can feel the universe, in this case, we can be in peace.

Nader Sayyar

About Nader


Pegah Yazdanpanah

About Pegah

I am Pegah Yazdanpanah; Born on 26 June 1981 in Iran. From my childhood I was interested in
painting. From the age of 17 I started taking courses in painting techniques in Iran, and up to the age
of 23 I attended various institutions and classes to learn oil paint, colored pencil, charcoal and
After completing my courses, I opened my own art studio until I emigrated to the Netherlands in
2006, obtaining my propaedeutic year at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht. Because I was a lover
of Structures, I studied architecture at the same time, and based on my background culture came to
my mind to be able to create and complete paintings there. The Architecture and Structures with a
combination of the beauty of Woman became my goal. in the background are two important
elements of woman and architecture, based on my background culture my paintings have to do with
these two elements. In my opinion, being the manifestation of beauty and placing them next to each
other or combing them will be the glorification of beauty in this world. Straight and curved lines or a
combination thereof in my paintings are symbolic and represent the figurative elements of the two
basic characteristics in my mind. In my future works, I intend to place East and West side by side and
reveal their characteristics, regardless of culture, race and religion.


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